Genuine Capsiplex Review, Discount Codes and Everything You Need To Know

capsiplex-right_300Many people come up with diet and exercise plans in a bid to lose weight, only to give up on their plans, after a period of time, due to their busy schedules. On the contrary, others go to extremes and work out as frequent as they can and may even starve themselves. If you fall in one of these groups, what you may need is a weight loss pill that is effective regardless of your lifestyle. Capsiplex may just be what you need.

On looking at its website, you realize that Capsiplex has received a lot of media attention and celebrity endorsements. This might get you thinking, if it is big news for the media, is it also big news for my weight? You might also find the product to be promising a bit too much. So does this make it one of the many weight loss scammy products? [Read more…]

7 Best Superfoods for Keeping Your Skin Young

You’ve definitely heard the saying “beauty is on the inside”. You might not believe in this, especially when it comes to skin beauty, since people tend to invest heavily on skin care products so as to look beautiful. Believe it or not, beauty is really on the inside. What you eat matters more than what you put on. The secret to naturally glowing skin is in your diet.

Here are 7 best superfoods for keeping the skin younger:

1. Dark chocolate

chocolate to keep your skin healthyYou must be smiling from the thought of chocolate being a superfood, meaning you don’t have to feel guilty about the secret stash hidden somewhere in your purse, house or office.

  • Dark chocolate contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, helping your skin stay younger.
  • Well, the smile you have when eating chocolate also helps in keeping your skin younger

Consider having a square or two after your dinner or tossing a few into your smoothie. It is of great importance to know that the healthiest type of chocolate is one with a high flavanol content and is 60% cacao or even higher. [Read more…]

7 Superfoods to Boost Your Energy and Mood

Superfooods have a remarkably high nutrient content that helps you become healthier in the long run. Studies have shown that some of these foods can also help you keep your energy levels up and stress levels down. You must have experienced an energy dip at some point in time in your life. These foods therefore come in handy as they help you naturally boost your energy and elevate your mood, making you more productive.

Have a look at the 7 best superfoods to boost your energy and mood:

1. Dark Chocolate

dark-chocolate-improves-your-mood-and-energyIf you are a chocolate lover, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Dark chocolate is a superfood. It is good for your energy and mood.

  • Eating dark chocolate helps lower cortisol, a stress hormone linked to increased appetite and weight gain.
  •  It helps the brain release endorphins and enhances levels of serotonin. This generates a feeling of well-being that persists for a couple of hours.
  • Dark chocolate, especially the type that contains 70% cacao or higher, helps improve flow of blood to the brain and cognitive performance.

[Read more…]

Review: Everything You Need to Know About Proactol Plus

proactol plusMost weight loss products rely on clever marketing and advertising so as to appeal to the vast majority of people. People tend to fall for the hype generated by these products without taking time to do their own research. It is therefore not a surprise that for every person who succeeds, there seems to be two or more people who feel shortchanged because of impractical expectations, and the realization that the pills are not worth all the hype.

These “miracle” pills have flooded the market, making it hard for you to find any good weight loss solutions that may be available. One product that stands out from the rest and may be the perfect solution to your weight loss problems is Proactol Plus. [Read more…]

7 Best Superfoods for Detox

celery-and-carrot-for-juicingDetoxification is a vital component of optimal health. It is a natural and ongoing process that eliminates toxins from your body. There are certain foods that support and even accelerate the process, leaving the whole of your body with long-lasting benefits.

Here are the 7 best superfoods for detox: [Read more…]

7 Best Superfoods for Juicing

juicingYou can get the most out of superfoods by juicing. It is recommended that you eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. You may find this to be a daunting task especially if you were to eat them in raw form. By juicing, you can easily meet this recommended amount. Juicing helps you enjoy a mega dose of essential nutrients.

Check out the 7 best superfoods for juicing: [Read more…]

8 Surprising Superfoods for Weight Loss

fat_woman and healthy foodSuperfoods are known to have a number of benefits such as delivering a wide variety of nutrients, keeping your mind sharp and preventing chronic diseases. What might be unknown to you is the fact that some of these nutrient-dense foods can actually help you lose weight. Eating more of these foods can help you reduce up to two pounds every week.

Check out the 8 best superfoods for weight loss: [Read more…]

7 Best Superfoods To Improve Your Memory

In this modern era, people are constantly bombarding their minds with loads and loads of information such as studies, assignments, new projects and other work-related information. A healthy memory is more important now than ever before. People are increasingly turning to gadgets such as smartphones and computers to keep track of most things in their lives. This dependence can be reduced by adopting healthy eating habits. Certain foods provide your brain with essential nutrients to enable sharpened reflexes, and a better attention span and memory.

Here are the 7 best superfoods to improve your memory:

1. Walnuts

walnuts help to improve memoryWalnuts can enhance your thinking power and memory. Among all nuts, they are the richest source of omega-3 fatty acids. These boost the working of neurotransmitters, thus boosting memory and cognitive skills. Walnuts also contain magnesium and vitamin B6 which improve memory.

Walnuts also promote blood flow, allowing efficient delivery of oxygen to the brain. They have anti-inflammatory nutrients which help fight inflammation and protect the brain and body from degenerative conditions.

With all the benefits that walnuts have to offer, you may agree with me that going nuts is not always a bad thing. So next time you feel like snacking, go nuts! (by eating a handful of these tasty nuts) [Read more…]

DNA Diet Test – Everything You Need To Know About It

What exactly are DNA Diets?

dna diet tests and all you need to know about themDNA diets are individualized diets based on a person’s genetic data. They are based on nutrigenomics, a relatively new science that examines the effect of genetic variation on the body’s metabolism. These diets involve a genetic test that establishes your genetic makeup. From the test results, a health professional determines the right food and exercise for you so as to maximize your ability to lose weight.

Aren’t DNA diets same as other weight loss diets?

As much as DNA and other weight loss diets involve healthy eating and exercise, there is a difference between the two. Most weight loss diets assume a one-size-fits-all approach. Just as people react differently to the same medication, they also react differently to the same diets. DNA diets are personalized genetic-based diets. They are based on your unique genetic fingerprint obtained from the genetic test. The test aims to establish what type of diet works for you so as to maximize your ability to lose weight. [Read more…]

8 21st Century Superfoods That Will Improve Your Health

All foods have some nutritional value. However, the benefits that some foods give you are so great that they should be classified in a category of their own. These are referred to as super foods. They have incredible health benefits such as fighting infections and protecting against diseases. Have a look at 8 21st century super foods that should be part of your diet.

1. Blueberries

blueberriesThese small, round fruits are low in calories and high in nutrients. They are packed with phytochemicals, flavonoids, soluble fiber, potassium and vitamin C. These substances can prevent diseases like diabetes, cancer, stomach ulcers, heart disease and high blood pressure. They are also anti-inflammatory and can reduce bad cholesterol.

Next time you have a snack attack, consider popping some blueberries. You can also add them to your breakfast cereal or mix them with yoghurt for a tasty dessert. [Read more…]